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LUSH is a fresh handmade cosmetics from Great Britain, made to save your youth and your beauty, and to present a joy and harmony with the environment to you.

Today there are more than 950 LUSH shops all over the world.

Since the very beginning and during all history of the success of Lush, Mark Constantine and Lush team are true to their original idea - "the real beauty – inside, not outside". Lush cosmetics are the best confirmation of this. Spending millions on what is outside (packing, advertising and so on) is not in the LUSH style.

Lush doesn't test their products on animals, LUSH buys ingredients only by fair trade rules; 100 % of Lush products are suitable for vegetarians, and packaging is selected on the basis of the minimum environmental pollution.

Fresh LUSH cosmetics uses grown up by an organic method fruit and vegetables in most of the products, natural and good quality cocoa butter from the reliable suppliers. LUSH products are handmade, there is all necessary information about a product on the packaging (which, by the way, is made most environmentally friendly) – manufacturing date, use by date, full list of ingredients, so the customers know exactly what they buy. 

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