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  • Underwear
  • Ready to wear woman
  • Men's fashion
  • Ready to wear child
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GIULIA is a national brand of tights, stockings and lingerie. Our shops are pleasing to the guests with a cozy atmosphere, first class service and a chic selection оf:

  • fantasy collection,

  • classic tights and stockings,

  • children's socks, leggings and tights (from 3 years old!),

  • corset, seamless, corrective lingerie,

  • men's Premium Socks,

  • clothes for sleeping and rest,

  • cardigans, turtlenecks, body,

  • leggings, skirts,

  • trendy swimwear.

We create Ukrainian tights on our own  since 2000, based on the experience of Italian professional colleagues. We use Italian and Czech equipment and carry out quality control at every stage of production. We improve our products with maximum strength and time. Thanks to this, GIULIA can withstand comparisons with European brand-legislators, with a significant price advantage!

We know what gives our customers pleasure. Together we make the world beautiful!

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