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SC "Auchan Rive Gauche"
AUCHAN RIVE GAUCHE – the first phase of a unique project included in the HOLDING company AUCHAN IMMOSHAN UKRAINE. The creators project take a leading place in the international development of commercial real estate.

The Mall is located on the Left Bank of Kiev in the heart of the densely populated area Poznyaki at the intersection of Zdolbuniv, Drahomanov and the prospect Grigorenko.

In French, the name RIVE GAUCHE (RIVE GAUCHE), means "left Bank". We consulted with prospective visitors and came to the conclusion that such a name will give TTS a French coloring, labeling and origin of leading brands and the intended area of service.

Already in the autumn of 2017 we will be able to treat our visitors with the opening of the first stage SC “Auchan Rive Gauche”, which will provide approximately 30,000 m2 of rental area, half of which will be the AUCHAN HYPERMARKET as a key point of the project.

The remaining area will accommodate about 60 boutiques, forming a shopping arcade offering a wide range of products and services, including such famous brands as:
  • the shop Turkish clothing brand LC WAIKIKI for the whole family; 
  • the electronics hypermarket ELDORADO in the new format; 
  • the children's goods supermarket CHUDO OSTROV;  
  • the world famous network fast food restaurant KFC-hour drive service; 
  • the restaurant the CREEL.
First SC “Auchan Rive Gauche” will provide visitors with Parking for 1000 places (on one level). In the near future, but rather in 2019, when the second end turn, the number of places will increase to 2 500 (on two levels).

                                                                                  SEC Rive Gauche – the second phase of a unique project

The second phase of SEC Rive Gauche will take more than 150 000 m 2 total area, leasable area will amount to 72 000 m2 . Your job will start:

  • the construction hypermarket;
  • the fashion gallery of 130 stores; 
  • the full food court and restaurants; 
  • the movie theater; 
  • the children's entertainment center and much more.

SEC Rive Gauche was created under the motto of the company Immochan Ukraine "Make brighter their daily lives!" (Brighten up Everyday Life!) we want you to come with us on holiday, and weekday and felt like home.

This is a new concept of shopping Mall which replaced the classical: shopping centers will become centers of vital activity of society, where people will be coming after the working day is not only for shopping but also for leisure, communication and entertainment.

We have therefore taken care not only about product quality, comfort and entertainment, but on environmental safety. All of our systems will be standard procedure for certification of green building BREEAM International.

                                                                                 the Policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR)

I must say that the package is "green" hire is just one of the activities Immochan in politics and corporate social responsibility (CSR), which includes:

  • the reduction in energy consumption that will positively affect not only the environment but also on the cost of rent, and, consequently, on the price of goods and services, the Mall;
  • the use of sustainable materials;
  • the separate garbage disposal;
  • the organization of convenient transport interchanges, promoting environmentally friendly modes of transport (such as Bicycle lanes and pedestrian zones);
  • the local integration and development of its environment

I must say that the concept of local integration involves multiple social and humanitarian projects. So, in agreement with the Kiev authorities, in a designated area along with shopping center SC “Auchan Rive Gauche” built a kindergarten for 300 places.

                                                                         SC “Auchan Rive Gauche” as a landmark project of the company Immochan

SC "Auchan Rive Gauche" significant and outstanding project of the company Immochan, which for 10 years of his stay in Ukraine, invested about 100 million dollars and in spite of significant losses (shopping center "Rose Park" in Donetsk, which was developed as the first green center in Ukraine with cycle tracks and special traffic interchange) plans in 2017-19 years to invest the same amount in the development of their centers in Kiev and Odessa.

A year ago, Immochan celebrated its fortieth anniversary. It is the largest company that manages 380-th objects in 12 countries of Europe and Asia. The total lease area Immochan exceed 4 000 000 square meters, and the cost – 7 000 000 000.

As SEC Rive Gauche occupies a special position in the plans Immochan, he guaranteed one hundred percent support of all the group's brands. In therefore we can confidently assert that both the first and second turn the opening of our center will give guests a lot of valuable and fascinating surprises.

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