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We have a wide selection of frames for glasses, optical and contact lenses, a variety of accessories for any customer. You can immediately pick up and make new glasses according to your personal prescription. You are able to repair your own glasses and buy sunglasses.

Our main difference from other colleagues is the ability of the whole team of opticians and professional stylists, who can help you to create your absolutely new image. We will help you to understand a huge number of different styles, choose a suitable frame according to your lifestyle, profession and, the most important, we will create the brightness and personality of your character.

You have to be healthy. You must have good eyesight. All new products in world optical industry are designed to provide your personality in any detail of glasses.  Good glasses improve the quality of life. A person gets the opportunity to be more efficient, earn more, look more beautiful and get the additional opportunities (play sports and rest actively). For every kind of activity, the best optical lenses have already been created. Our consultants will select the ideal lens for each customer.

We are happy to help to the person, who can see the face of his friend better, he can see a rich underwater world during vacation, to feel the   unknown before comfort when driving a car.

Our knowledge in the world of optics is very rich. We are studying  every day to make your life more comfortable.

The correct glasses choice can make a miracle. Welcome to our optics. We will make you happier.

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