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Перша свіжість  AUCHAN RIVE GAUCHE

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"Natural Freshness" is the restaurant which serves human bodies’: friendly, light and healthy food. Our philosophy is to make the food as light and digestible as Nature does it, therefore our Guests will feel at ease after the meal while completely satisfying their hunger and positive emotions.
Enjoying light, positive energy is the main mission of the “Natural Freshness” restaurant. Our menu is exclusively selected in such a way that after the meal in "Natural Freshness" restaurants, our Guests will just forget about the stomach severity and drowsiness. Guests will be vigorous and energetic. Our kitchen fits all the Guests, regardless of the type of food they used to eat. Our menu includes: soups, salads, courses based on fresh and manually selected: vegetables fruits, fish and meat; sushi and rolls, cooked and served within your personal supervision. The essence of the lightness and body’s friendliness of the menu is not the fact of the fish or meat absence, however of: the delivering of the natural balance of proportions and ingredients; the way of the ingredients’ treatment while cooking; the natural freshness of the original products in our food with the least of animal fat.
-Our credo is "Let everyone be vigorous and energetic after our meals, not just vegetarian and abstinence ones”
-Our credo "Natural Freshness” is the guarantee of a cheerful & constructive day"

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