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«А+ pharmacy» is more than usual pharmacy.
«А+ pharmacy» brand was entered the market in August, 2016 and more than forty pharmacy units in more than twenty cities of Ukraine have been opened within ten month. Professional team leads the company with a confidence using dynamic development strategy and that reflects in massive expansion of our geographical representation.
We are sure that people like peace and order. That is why we choose pastel and peaceful shades and A+ brand innovation lies in combination of harmony and easement in all. For our guest clients we developed navigation system, which is easy to use. Our professionals have placed the goods in such a way that the client can easily find necessary medications without been taught.
Certainly, our client is the first priority for us, maybe even not just a client but our friend, a neighbor, a fellow to whom best, well-selected pharmacists in A+ pharmacy will help to find the most effective medications which would fulfill our friend’s needs. We introduced Pharmacy friends Club as a special tribute. Club members can benefit regularly by using additional advantages of accumulative card. We definitely appreciate every visitor. Our promotional offers’ system, that is regularly updated, will not leave any of our friend without obvious advantages if one will choose our network.
In order to serve better our demanding neighbors, we have diversified the range of products, including medical equipment, natural cosmetics, household products, and many other things that are necessary for each housewife or master which are in one way or another concern their invaluable (in our opinion) health. In our A+pharmacy network we select carefully the best samples of drugs based on the recommendations of the best specialists of well-known pharmaceutical companies.
However better should not mean more expensive!
And we prove it by our existence, because we release the best worldwide products for our friends’ health and beauty at democratic Ukrainian prices!! The motto of A+pharmacy is 'We are cheaper. Come and prove it'. It is not just words, but also the meaning of our hard work!
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