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Irene BukurTM - this is the first Ukrainian-Swiss brand "living" cosmetics premium. Cosmetics Irene Bukur TM is known on the market since 2009: during this time, many media brands have become bestsellers, winning the love and trust of Ukrainian buyers.

Now in Ukraine - more than 40 branded stores author living cosmetics Irene BukurTM. The brand offers an impressive range of cosmetics, which includes skin care products for the face (including an effective anti-aging programs), hair cosmetics and body, fragrances and decorative line - more than 50 names.

Irene BukurTM company fully controls the process of creating cosmetics - from the development of formulas to the packaging. At the heart of the brand's DNA - the concept of a "living" cosmetics, based on using only fresh, highly concentrated plant extracts and oils, the content of which is stored at the level of 75-80% in each vehicle. High production technologies allow to preserve all useful properties of natural ingredients. Working in synergy, herbal cosmetic components provide optimal results. Action cosmetics Irene BukurTM aimed at solving the problem, rather than masking it.

Irene BukurTM laboratory located in Ukraine and Switzerland. Brand specialists are working closely with professionals from other European countries, improving the recipe means studying new developments in the field of cosmetology, tracking the latest developments and trends.

Live cosmetics Irene BukurTM really works, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of buyers and meets the highest international standards.

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