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What matters most in the coffee? This is an opportunity to escape. After a coffee break is designed specifically for recreation. «Coffeelat» - coffee house chain with one hundred percent Arabica roasting fresh, modern equipment and the best baristas. A place created to enjoy perfect coffee drinks.

In «Coffeelat» with the utmost care in selecting a grain coffee and chose one hundred percent Arabica from Latin America. All the restaurants of the chain operate in "coffee to go" format, while providing the opportunity to sit at a cozy table and enjoy a wide selection of coffee drinks. Without fuss.

In the network of coffee houses around seventeen Kiev, and they can not just have a cup of coffee and eat a dessert, homemade. The company offers a loyalty program for its guests in the form of discounts and bonuses.

Coffee has long ceased to be simply a refreshing drink, and turned into a real ritual! Over coffee, conduct business meetings, visits and gatherings with friends. Professional team «Coffeelat» is always glad to its guests and readily treat tasty and rich coffee, will give much-needed to maintain the rhythm of the big city energy boost for the day and leave a pleasant aftertaste until the next visit!

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