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The chain of dry cleaners “CHYSTO” offers you a wide range of high-quality services for your clothes. We keep up with the times; we improve our technologies becoming more professional than yesterday and more skillful than today. These days ecological standards are getting stricter as people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious.“With love to people and the planet” is our main principle. Our technologies are safe for your health and your clothes; they provide effective cleaning for any type fabric.

Our advantages:

  • “CHYSTO” is ECO-friendly: we were among the first to introduce exclusive technologies such as GreenEarth and Softwash that are oil-free and absolutely safe.
  • Keep up with the times: we use modern technologies, certified products and materials.
  • 13 years’ experience and professionalism: your garments, bedding as well as other interior items are always safe with us.
  • “CHYSTO” means convenience, availability and surprises.
  • Customer friendly location: we plan it so that it is convenient for you to find us.
  • Delivery: you are too busy to come and collect your things- just fill in an online application form or call us and we will come to you.

“CHYSTO” has been helping our customers to maintain a good look of their clothes since 2004. You pay money, save your time and your garments get a better look and new life. We use modern technologies and certified materials. Our main advantage is that we constantly work on our service and our team’s professionalism.“CHYSTO” provides consistent care for your favourite things letting you use them longer no matter if they are coteur, leather or your child’s favourite T-shirt.Let us ease the pressure of your everyday life by allowing us to take care of your garments.

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