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Homer Simpson once asked: “Donuts. Is there anything they can’t do?”


It’s one of those rare foods that help in any situation: Someone’s birthday? – Donuts. Have a quarrel with a friend? – Donuts.  

Got coffee? Grab some donuts! They are always fresh in TIKI Cafe.


Be sure to try our new «TIKI Donut» – it`s an ice cream donut sandwich, that just melts in your mouth. For full satisfaction do not forget to order hot chocolate.


The kid is naughty? You will be happy seeing your pleased kid drinks real milk shake with ice cream.

Icy slushie and 9 tastes of ice cream keep you cool during hot summer. Fruit tea warms you up if it's freezing outside.


The exclusivity of our coffee has already been valued by gourmets. Guests mark the richness of aroma and mildness of the strong espresso. Smooth and rich espresso is the key secret that gives the bright taste to your favorite cappuccino. Thanks to 100% premium arabica, any coffee drink from the TIKI Cafe menu will be an excellent choice.


Who is the coffee’s best friend?

Well, it’s time for donuts, at the TIKI Cafe!


Welcome to TIKI Cafe!

We are in the children area of Auchan Rive Gauche Mall, next to balloons shop.


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